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ralph lauren pas cher avis premier avec Barcelone
En 2008, il avait également été particulièrement efficace, conduisant à Porto Rico en demi-finale de la Ligue des Champions CONCACAF. Un substitut approprié pour la Jordanie a annoncé plus t?t cette année, le départ à la retraite du gardien Matt Jordan avait laissé un trou béant dans le Montréal des cages. Toutefois, le départ quelques semaines d'intervalle ces deux alternatives Srdjan Djekanovic avec son gros maillot de football et Andrea Badescu laissé quelque doute que Montréal était une bonne carte à jouer. Si Gaudette signé que pour une saison, il ne serait pas surprenant de voir accompagner l'équipe dans la MLS pour la saison 2012. Quant au r?le de gardien de but rempla?ant, il se pourrait bien que son c?ur sur l'impact Evan Bush, le gardien du feu cristal Baltimore Palace, actuellement en procès avec le club. L'Impact a également fourni un environnement de test Kyle Porter, un ancien associé de l'AHL Whitecaps de Vancouver.... (more)

Anna Thai
Entry 9
Dear Blog, Today I have just started getting use to my new house, It isn't my ideal home but it will have to do for now. It has gotten alot harder to sleep properly from all the traffic noises outside but I will eventually get use to it. Bees still scared and always hanging out in the garage and sleeping in all sorts of new places but he has walked around the house and exploring a little at a time. by the way I'm writing this blog on my new laptop Phil got for me, and I love it, still some things I need to get use to :) My hair is starting to feel really healthy, I don't know if its from the new TRESemme hair treatment or because its not hot now but I like it. Not breaking out any pimples at the moment but I ate some timtams today, so that might change really quickly so that's why I'm doing a mask tonight just in case. Still feeling a little bloated but not as much as the other day. Keep having these bloating days every month which kinda makes me feel pregnant or fat either way its... (more)

Monday afternoon

Hello - this may be a little maple-syrup . . . . . However. . . It also reflects something important - it's for you... xx

live life!
I'm back!
I'm gonna start up on this again :)

Journey Through
I can't help but feel like I am a useless lump. A waste of space and air. I have no purpose and no one really needs me besides my children. I am worthless. It really sucks to feel this way, and I wish I could convince myself otherwise. I mean I know that it's not the truth but it feels real. That is one thing that I think that most people that don't have issues don't get... it may not be the truth but it feels like the truth. It's hard to get out of a funk once you are in it. It is even harder to tell your brain that it can't think that way anymore. I used to self mutilate when I felt like this, or drink, or do drugs, but now I have none of those outlets, all I have is this. I know that this isn't the happiest or easiest subject, but it is a real one and that is what this is about... its ok to acknowledge the feelings, its ok to question one's worth as long as in the end you know that all this is just because of an illness... you really do have worth and are not useless

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